SEEN: HOPE & HEALING FOR SINGLE MOMS is a powerful Bible study guide designed specifically for single moms. Single moms often feel cast aside or rejected, but God doesn't see you that way! God has a special place in His heart for single moms, with beautiful plans and promises to rebuild and restore. The hope and healing found in God's Word can conquer the pain of divorce, death, and domestic violence, and completely transform you in the process.


  • Reject the shame and lies that keep you from embracing your true identity in Jesus Christ

  • Overcome the bitterness, regret, and past disappointments that are holding you back

  • Identify the incredible promises and calling God has for your life

  • Crush fear and doubt to walk in complete confidence in your future.

If you're new to studying the Bible, or if your skills need a boost, we've got you covered. The step-by-step formatting of each lesson will teach you to understand God's Word like never before, while guiding you with practical planning steps to apply what you've learned to your everyday life.

Sister, you are precious. You are treasured. YOU ARE SEEN.

Start your journey today.

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