Sure, You're a Mom {But Who Does God Say You Really Are?}

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It seems to me that a lot of books and blogs for Christian mamas are written with the ideal Christian woman in mind. Do you know what I mean? It almost seems that without saying, it is assumed we are married to a decent guy, that we stay at home (maybe homeschool our 2.5 kids), and that we attend church regularly. 

And maybe we really want to be those things. But if I'm looking at the women around me, these assumptions just don't seem to reflect the place where so many of us are in real life.

We're unhappily married. We're single. We're divorced. We're stepmoms with messy, complicated families. We work outside the home. We get calls from the principal. We have kids (or husbands) with serious problems. We have serious problems. We curse. We drink. We yell. And we might not have set foot in a church in a quite a while.

In a world of the "ideal" Christian mom, we just might not feel like we fit the mold. Life may have beat us up to the point where we may not know truly who we are.

My darling, whether or not you fit the Christian mom stereotype, the Bible is very clear about who God says you are. 


I love that word- BELOVED. It literally means "being loved." Not doing the loving. Not earning the love. Just being. Loved. 

God, that is just so amazing.

Do you remember the day your first child arrived in your life? How much you loved that little human just for existing? That little one had done nothing to win your heart. Yet that precious babe had all of you in just an instant.

How brilliant that God loves us in that same manner, just in at a magnitude that is immeasurably more than we can grasp.

1 John 3:2 says "Beloved, we are God's children now, and what we will be has not yet appeared; but we know that when he appears we shall be like him, because we shall see him as he is." (ESV)

In His pure essence, God IS love. In your essence, you ARE loved. That's it. No other label can supersede the fact that at your core, all you are is loved. 

Beloved we are God's children now 1 John 2_3.jpg

You are more than a mom. More than a wife (or ex-wife). More than anything else, you are His loved one.

And the promise of 1 John 3:2 is that whatever our circumstances would have us believe about ourselves in the present tense, God is using those same circumstances to cultivate you into something magnificent. 

As if "being loved" was not magnificent enough!

This world is so incredibly painful, especially for moms. While you celebrate each child's victory, you also suffer every defeat. Being a mom is the most heart wrenching joy.

But being a mom is the very closest thing we can be on this earth that gives us a glimpse at the heart of God. That joy and pain you feel for your child is the reflection of the joy and pain he feels for you. The unconditional love we feel for our children is but a glimmer of the unconditional love he has for you. 

It is beautiful and mysterious. And the pain is temporary, but the glory is eternal.

What labels do you struggle with? How can you redefine yourself knowing how God sees you?

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