Mother's Day for the Single Mom


I recently overheard a single mom talking to a friend of hers about Mother’s Day.

“I just hate that I have to make my own breakfast and buy my own gifts. It’s not supposed to be like this.”

I know it’s easy to be frustrated about Mother’s Day, especially if you focus on what you get or don’t get. Truth be told, there are a bunch of married mothers out there who will also be upset today about what they get or don’t get.

But the honor that comes from being a mom isn’t found in brunches. Your value isn’t declared in whether or not you get breakfast in bed or monogrammed gifts. Sure, I like cards and flowers as much as the next girl, but I’m overwhelmed with joy when I consider Mother’s Day as an opportunity to reflect on the beautiful ministry that motherhood is, and the honor God has bestowed upon me in it.

This Mother’s Day morning, I made breakfast with my kids. I thanked God for their good health. For our laughter. For the provision of over-easy eggs (eggshells and all). And in the stirring of those early morning hours, I was completely humbled, yet again, by the precious opportunity God has given me to shepherd these little ones. What a beautiful revelation to know that even as a single mom, He is still choosing me to reveal Himself to them through me– through my life, my love, and my service.

2 Corinthians 1:4 (NLT) says, “He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.” Through the course of abuse and divorce, God has lavished His unparalleled comfort upon me. And because of this, I’m more sensitive to my kids’ needs for comfort. And while I never wanted my kids to have this kind of life, they are learning at an early age just what it means to find refuge in the comforting arms of the Father, right here in my (messy) home.

Sometimes, we think we need some kind of formal training to be effective at discipling our kids. But girl, there are some lessons they just don’t teach in Sunday School. While I was going through the darkest period of my life, I had no idea my children were watching me. Watching me cry out to God. Watching me cling to Him. And then all of a sudden, watching me emerge in victory. God hasn’t just revealed Himself as Comforter in my words, lessons, or actions; He has revealed it in the faith journey that my children themselves have had a front row seat to.

Our children learn the very nature of God through their parents’ lives. And while this can seem like a scary prospect, He promises to completely equip us for every good work. He sees you, He hears you, He knows what you need. What they need. Take heart in knowing He’s specifically chosen you to walk through this season with your kids, as uncelebrated as it may be, and that He wants to reveal an even greater measure of Himself, both to you and through you.

And next time you start to think of the things those “other mothers” are getting to enjoy, just remember this–

There’s no brunch or bouquet that could ever bring forth the kind of joy that comes with knowing your children are experiencing the living God inside of you.

Happy Mother’s Day!