When Dad Disappoints: 5 Ways Single Moms Should Respond

When Dad Disappoints: 5 Ways Single Moms Should Respond

Kerry* is a working single mom of two kids, who often struggles with absenteeism when it comes to her ex-husband’s visitation with their children.

“He doesn’t stick to our regular schedule and changes plans a lot. Like last weekend he promised to be at my son’s karate tournament, but then canceled at the last minute without an explanation. To ‘make up for it’ he let them go nuts buying candy at the gas station, like it never happened. It crushes me to watch this happen over and over, but what can I do?”

Kerry’s not alone– more than 1 in 4 kids live in a home without their father. But an additional challenge exists for single mothers when a child’s father is “in the picture,” but provides inconsistent emotional and spiritual support.

Research shows that a father’s emotional unavailability is just as damaging as his physical unavailability, with a variety of longterm emotional and mental health consequences. Knowing this, what’s a single mother to do?

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