Let Go and Let God: 15 Ways God Fixes What's Broken

Let Go and Let God: 15 Ways God Fixes What's Broken

My mind can be pretty goofy sometimes. As in, I can piece together bits of unrelated information and come up with a totally far off conclusion, yet I’m absolutely convinced it’s 100% true.

Anyone else like that? Yeah, I see you hiding back there.

I’ve done this with everything. Checking for “intruders” in the middle of the night. Circling the block to make sure that speed bump (which I totally SAW) was not a child or an animal.

Believing that if I don’t worry about a situation, then the worst case scenario will absolutely happen.

There was a time I absolutely believed that if I gave God control over my life that I would have to accept things might go badly. That not only could the worst case situation happen, but that just by letting go of it, it would.

What a big ol’ lie.

Whether or not you struggle with clinical anxiety, fear is still a giant threat to our emotional and spiritual health when going through a major life change like losing a spouse through divorce or death. Fear can make us do things that really don’t make ANY sense, just because we are convinced that appeasing our fears is better than the alternative.

But God has HUGE promises for those who give Him room to move in their lives- and He’s a big God so make room!

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