Seven Things Every Single Mom Needs (But Will Never Ask For)

Seven Things Every Single Mom Needs (But Will Never Ask For)

When my marriage first ended, I hated referring to myself as a “single mom.” I hated the connotation of it, like a giant “F” for Failure had been stamped on my forehead.

Like I had been handed a membership card to a club I never wanted to be in.

But over time, I realized that I did not need to let the term “single mother” define me, but rather describe my situation. And the fact is that being in this situation has some unique needs and challenges that are summed up pretty well with the words “single mom.”

(Because “lonely-woman-raising-three-kids-while-being-solely-responsible-for-managing-a-household” is too long.)

As I’ve walked this journey, I’ve come to understand just how much the Lord has ministered to me through the people around me (in ways I didn’t even know I needed). But I’ve also realized just how much I neglected the needs of the single moms around me in my “pre-single mom” days. And not because I didn’t care, but because I didn’t understand.

If you’re a single mom struggling to help those in your life understand, or if you have a single mom in your life that you want to reach out to, check out this list of Seven Ways to Support a Single Mom.

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