From Hurt to Healing: God is Your Husband

From Hurt to Healing: God is Your Husband

Divorce is a two part trauma; not only are you losing a long term relationship, but you probably also feel that you’re losing part of yourself.

And it’s so in-your-face, even in the simplest ways. Like how long did you identify yourself as “So-and-So’s Wife” or “Mrs. Fill-in-the-Blank”? Every check. Every field trip form. Every doctor’s appointment. And then, all of a sudden, you stop. Stop identifying yourself that way. Stop being that version of yourself.

Stop being what felt like you. But if we’re honest, that process probably began a long time ago.

As time moves on, you’ll begin to see a glimmer of yourself as just yourself. Just you. And the most beautiful adventure begins. The adventure to becoming the woman you were meant to be, all along.

There’s no quick fix to recovering from a divorce; it takes time. But healing well is the key to a hope filled, satisfying future.

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