Co-Parenting with God: Family Matters Feature

Co-Parenting with God: Family Matters Feature

I’m a planner. I think by the time I was sixteen, I’d had the whole trajectory of my life planned out. Go to school, get a job, get married, have kids– anyone else like that?

Yeah, I see you…

But let’s just say life didn’t exactly go according to plan. I didn’t plan to end up getting divorced. And I definitely didn’t plan to end up a single parent.

Whether you’re a planner or not, most of us don’t have these things in mind when we get married and have children. But they happen. And if they do, it can be really difficult to wrap your mind around how you are going to do the job of two parents, when you are just one person.

Enter seemingly endless amounts of single parent guilt (like regular parent guilt, just on less sleep and more caffeine).

Sound familiar? We’re talking co-parenting on our latest guest post over on the Family Matters Blog. Check it out, and be encouraged that parenting on your own does not mean parenting alone.

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